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El Triumfo

This is not what I was expecting
Not, strictly speaking, what I’d call a restaurant
Mostly a grocery store
with a kitchen stuck on

While we wait for our burritos
You and I wander the aisles
I find popsicles
I am delighted
I call to you

You choose one named for a fruit
I can’t hope to pronounce the name of
There are little palm trees on the packaging
How exotic

Mine is piña colada flavored
Which bitch put coconut flakes in here
I wish it wasn’t furry
But god it is succulent
God is succulent

On the other side of the glass door
It’s late afternoon
And the sky is turning colors
So I want to sit on the curb

We watch the nothing happen
So pleasantly, so presently
The sun melts into the concrete
My popsicle drips onto your shoe

cat attack

for margaux


an alligator looking monster and a teddy bear looking monster

Dr. Frank N. Furter off Rocky Horror Picture Show

dinosaur on a spaceship.


chloe and a balloon.

panel # 4 

still working on a comic. slowly. 


for a moment there I was moving away from pastels. nope.